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Care Info

At Will & Harper Co. all of our pieces start out as a Non-toxic PVC based clay which is worked, moulded, rolled, cut and textured before being baked, sanded cleaned and in some cases coated so that delicate embellishments are protected. Our earrings are assembled using surgical stainless steal posts and backs and our necklaces are strung with faux suede or a polyester satin style thread unless otherwise stated.

Each of our beautiful creations have an individual method to production and while this varies between pieces they all have a common way of caring for them which is important to ensuring they last. 

All clay creations can be gently cleaned by using a soft cloth made damp with lightly soapy water or a baby wipe. If there are hard to remove marks they can be lightly wiped with rubbing alcohol, used sparingly, on a cotton bud or cotton pad, however any beads that have foil on them can't be wiped with rubbing alcohol as they are sealed with a special varnish to protect them and alcohol and chemicals can break this down, resulting in potential damage.

Please take care not to get harsh chemicals or perfumes, from swimming, showering or cosmetics on your creations as this can harm them or fade bright colours.

We recommend that earrings are not worn to bed or during activities that may result in them being exposed to high temperatures as this can effect the glue that is used to secure them to the earring post.

All of our creations are not recommended to be used, worn or played with by children under the age of 3. Some beads may be small and can be a CHOKING HAZARD. None of our creations are made for use as teething accessories if chewed or sucked on they may break or chip and become a CHOKING HAZARD. If customers choose to allow their children to wear or use any of our products they do so knowing the potential risks outlined here and on the care card provided in every online order placed.

In the unfortunate event of something happening to your creations please contact us via email immediately at and inform us of what has happened and provide an image of the damaged product, to discuss possible solutions. If our creations are properly cared for and were purchased within 6 months of the incident, a replacement or refund may be possible with a proof of purchase.

If you are ever unsure or have any questions regarding the intended use or proper care methods, materials used or the production methods of our creations please do not hesitate to contact us.